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Although she has dedicated a lot of time and hard work to get to where she is, she still calls it a hobby. Because MD is genetic, people are born with the problem — it's not contagious and you can't catch it from someone who has it. She is considered today as the biggest female bodybuilder in the world. Unlike the case of Nataliya Trukhina, many American female bodybuilders were embraced by the sports community in their country and have become somewhat of an icon in popular culture. Support from doctors, family, and friends can make it easier to deal with MD. The doctor removes a small piece of muscle tissue and examines it under a microscope. In the before picture, she was already in pretty good shape and seemed like she had started working out at that point.

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Teens have different experiences depending on the type of MD.

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Russia’s biggest female bodybuilder puts most men to shame

Doctors are also dedicated to finding the best ways to treat the symptoms of MD so that kids, teens, and adults with the disease can live as comfortably and happily as possible. Another person might have weak muscles in the pelvis or legs, making it hard to walk from class to class. Nataliya is making quite the name for herself in the field of fitness. She has muscles that even most professional male bodybuilders could never achieve. On that site, her fans can pay in order to see Trukhina posing to the camera while performing her exercises.

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