Girdle and bra fetish

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With much effort I pulled it up all the way, in fear that I would be discovered, but I continued dressing since it was so thrilling and erotic. I loved the Sears catalog girdle section more than Playboy! This was the first time I had ever seen such a garment and I knew what it was. She would go hours, tight as it was, actually forgetting she had it on. In the beginning my mom's girdle was too large, for me, and would slip downwards, but I wore a belt over it initially. I still remember the size!

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This is neither good nor bad.

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But, so fucking wonderful to see them both in sexy lingerie, when they fucked, and see my self when i was super-tight girdled, nylon-socks, high heels, then I jerked off and watched at them. The stocking covered legs were so beautiful, and I always wondered where those seams went. Hg 34 months ago permalink. I wondered what mom had a builder here for and hoped to God they wouldn't open this closet. But she was good about it. I am 63 and had similar experiences. Mother discoved my things and while being absolutely mortified and appaled at what I had done, was rather understanding about why, and my desire to be a girl.

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girdle and bra fetish
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girdle and bra fetish
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