Getting drunk with family

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Never be the drunkest one there. This is a great way to have some fun, laugh uncontrollably, and let unfashionable comments from octogenarians fly with no repercussions. I passed out at the table and had to go to my room to vom and sleep, then came back down and continued the party,' says my mate Natalie. This is where legends are made. Individual cocktails are a red flag for most nonserious drinkers. Evening calls for something more sophisticated:

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Cowardice has no place in familial functions.

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13 stages of getting drunk with your family at Christmas

Rutherfrat 2 years ago. Order the good beer, ask your mom what wine she suggests, and use this as an opportunity to actually spend time with your family. So if you start to feel yourself tear up, have a backstory. The last thing you need is for your overprotective aunt to see you spilling Kraken all over the countertops before stumbling back to your spot on the couch. And Boxing Day will be a pain like no other. Maybe if you get them drunk enough mom will finally tell you about her high school boyfriend, and dad will agree to raise your wedding budget up by a few decimals.

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getting drunk with family
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getting drunk with family
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3 thoughts on “Getting drunk with family

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