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Considering the fact that my backpack in high school weighed about 40lbs, I rather suspect a woman with significant battle-training would be able to cope with the weight. Typically the males have bigger and brighter-colored throat pouches. That picture is from Dark Sun. If she is good enough and not provocative then why are you bloging so negatively about the dwarf and the giant, are you having a double standard there or were you serious about the only good thing being on her is that she is in an active pose? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The Zhani are an alien race of dragonkin who are roughly a two feet long and show off to their mates by puffing up their throat pouch like a frog.

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Just to make the Paladin jealous.

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Um the first drow thing what class is the male and what class is the female, because again it matters to me, if they are both fighters then it is crap, if she is a priestess or a healer then it is overly sexualised but it is within cannon the drow goddess pimps her priestess out to demons in most stories, so the drow society is not a matriarchal society as you mean it, yes the women are higher than men but both gender are just playthings for their own deities and as such men are just warriors and low level mages while women use men as their sex toys and are also pimped out to all sorts of nasty things during their religious rites, at least those are the drow I read about, real disturbing stuff. For notable exceptions to this moronic trend, see: Although the anime is mostly silly, the manga is both silly and epic. Nobody knows where the bloodline comes from or what the critters that started it actually look like, apart from the fact that having one in your family tree makes you travel-size with big feet. Both of them are such great characters and would make excellent avatars. In the middle of a forest. I still disagree about the feasibility of the pose.

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sexy half dragon half people art
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sexy half dragon half people art
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