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Used prior to surgery or regional radiotherapy during surgery, neoadjuvant chemotherapy is a systemic procedure for reducing the clinical stage and increasing the rate of successful resection and breast conservation. It is impossible to judge whether a woman who is treated with an LH-RH agonist or antagonist has reached menopause. Endocrine treatment for advanced breast cancer Indications for endocrine therapy as the treatment of choice. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, endocrine therapy and targeted therapy can be properly scheduled based on the pathological results in two to three weeks after surgery. Annex Annex 1 Definition of menopause Menopause is a term used to describe the permanent physiological, or natural, cessation of menstrual cycles. When multiple local lesions exist, the tumor will be classified based on the lesion with the largest diameter. For the purpose of pathologic staging, the tumor size should be based on the measurements of the infiltrative lesions If relatively large carcinoma in situ e.

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The third-generation aromatase inhibitors are preferred in postmenopausal patients, while aromatase inhibitors can also be chosen for those with a menopausal status through medication or surgery.

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Axillary lymph node surgery As a part of the standard surgical management for invasive breast cancer, the operation on axillary lymph nodes is mostly used to identify the status of those nodes for staging and determination of the optimal treatment option. For premenopausal women, breast palpation is advised to be conducted after the menstruation ends Definition of menopause shown in Annex 1. In any of the following cases, trastuzumab monoclonal antibody therapy should be suspended for at least four weeks, and LVEF measured once every four weeks:. These cells are lined together with tissue cells, some of which contain hemosiderin. When multiple local lesions exist, the tumor will be classified based on the lesion with the largest diameter. The metastatic lymph nodes can be palpable in the supraclavicular area or contralateral axilla in patients with advanced breast cancer. Causes for nipple discharge vary but commonly include intraductal papilloma, breast hyperplasia, dilation of mammary duct, and breast cancer.

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