I have an ass smell fetish

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She and I used to wrestle and Id let her pin me because she put her knees on my shoulders and it turned me on. A European lady of that natural odder big or small would be a real treat can pay for service s renderd unshowerd hairy or just plain dirty in the west of SYD or I can travell: For a treat she will not shower for a weekthat's the bestinstant orgasm for me when I bury my head!!!!! This little kink is awesome! The smell of vinegar has always turned me on I also love smelling her dirty panties. Camgirl spreading her holes, farts and smells her feet.

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It's usually triggered if I hug them and if the hug is long enough and i get a wiff of there sent good or bad I cant help but b intoxicated by it and wanting more

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This gets me sooo freakin sexually aroused!!! As long as the girlfriend is willing and even better if she shares the same interest in vinegar as you do, I would recommend Apple Cider Vinegar for a role in the hay. Her pit oder and body oder turned me on. I love smells and yes I get aroused. The "natural" female scent is incredibly arousing to me.

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i have an ass smell fetish
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i have an ass smell fetish
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