Woman drunk on steps

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A phrase like "Can you pass the remote? If they are asleep, make sure they are on their side, with their face facing the same way as their body is, not on the stomach or back, for either way they could drown in their vomit. Stumble when you walk. Don't force food on a drunk person; it could create a choking situation and food cannot sober them up. You may want to play a prank on your friends. Bread, chips, or any other solid material will probably not stick very well to your clothing, and just end up as crumbs on the floor. Alcohol affects your judgment and balance, so the person may have trouble walking or moving properly.

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If you're having trouble slurring your words, you can also talk like you're really tired, and elongate your words more than you typically would.

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Drunk Safari

Don't assume people around you will know what to do to help you. Look at how they act and how they smell. Do not try to physically lift a drunken person or stop someone much larger than you falling down—you may injure your back. Speaking as if you're tired is a great way to mimic drunken slurring, since both types of talking slow your words down and stretch syllables. Not Helpful 18 Helpful If he is lying on a couch, ensure that he is facing AWAY from the back of the couch so that any vomit does not pool around the person's face especially on leather couches. If the authorities are involved, it's time to drop the act and tell the truth.

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woman drunk on steps
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woman drunk on steps
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