Canine anal gland problem

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Remove all these and feed a biologically appropriate fresh dog food. Whenever they fail to vacate properly there's a chance of becoming impacted or, even worse, infected - a very painful condition requiring urgent veterinary treatment. With rare cases of recurrent infection or presence of a specific type of malignant tumour called an anal sac adrenocarcinoma, anal glands may be removed surgically by a procedure known as anal sacculectomy. A good dog stool is reasonably small logs or nuggets, roughly the size of a large thumb. The potential complications of this specialist type of surgery, however, make the operation strictly reserved for essential cases only. Anal gland issues are almost entirely a dry-fed dog phenomenon.

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But when you can actually smell the odour emanating from your dog's backside there may be a problem.

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Too Many Soft Poos is the Cause of Anal Gland Issues in Dogs…

Impacted anal gland material is usually brown or grey, and thick with the occasional presence of blood or pus indicating infection. But at least you'll be able to detect and identify any issues quickly and hopefully save your dog from the pain and discomfort of anal gland problems. Under most circumstances, anal gland secretions are extremely minute, so you don't usually see or smell them - though you may notice your dog's bedding becomes a bit smelly between washes. Some dogs seem unable to empty their glands fully on their own, causing the glands to become impacted and uncomfortable, and the dogs to drag or 'scoot' their rear-ends along the ground or more commonly your brand new cream-coloured carpet in an attempt to empty them. Your dog may happily pass through its whole life without ever having any problems with its anal glands, but not all dogs are so lucky. However, infection can result from prolonged impaction giving the glands a chance to build up nasty bacteria resulting in pain, increased swelling and, sometimes, even abscesses and fever. Version suitable for printing.

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canine anal gland problem
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canine anal gland problem
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