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The attacking wrestler can then arch backwards, pulling the opponent's head downward. It is considered legal in professional wrestling, although it is a chokehold. The wrestler then places their left arm over and around the opponent's arm while grasping their own wrist. Bryan's positioning requires him to be seated; Benoit, as noted above, performed his variation from both positions. Most Devastating Wrestling Moves. The wrestler then wraps their arm around the opponent's neck, pressing the biceps against one side of the neck and the inner bone of the forearm against the other side. The wrestler then crosses their opponent's arms, keeping them in place with the legs before applying the crossface.

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If you can lock it in, you're well on your way to victory.

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Professional wrestling holds

This cuts off the air supply and the opponent fades out, yet this is not considered an air choke as it is not squeezing the windpipe. Also known as a spinning armlock. This version of a surfboard sees a standing or kneeling wrestler take hold of both of a kneeling or seated opponent's wrists and cross their arms over, applying pressure to both the opponent's arms and shoulders. This variant has been used by Alberto Del RioA. This move is often used on an opponent trapped within the ring ropes, but this makes the move illegal under most match rules. The inverted Indian deathlock facelock, or a "Muta lock".

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women wrestlers leg split
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women wrestlers leg split
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