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Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disorder that results in thick, sticky mucus. I am a medical professional myself and these symptoms have stumped me. Sometimes the cramping is so severe and located high in my abdomen that it will cause me to throw up. Thank you for your answer. Hi, I have wetness in my anus that others have mention, this is been going on for about 6 weeks. IBS is characterized by inflammation and irritation of the distal bowels. Then it goes straight to copious amounts of watery vaginal discharge.

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How is mucus in the stool treated?

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A tube-like structure surrounded by muscles leading from the uterus to the outside of the body. You may wait for a day or two. This is specifically common in people who practice anal sex. Meanwhile, keeping the area dry down there is essential. The hormone levels have caused me to have cyclic vomiting and vomiting when my potassium drops. I had loose motion a few day back, I took medicine and had banana in the diet. I am a 33 year old female.

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liquid from anus
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liquid from anus
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